Client Reviews

Diana will always do her best to ensure you get what you hope for with your Animal Images photo shoot. As a result, many customers use Diana’s services more than once. Read what some of her customers have to say. 

Pet Photography

Diana’s infinite patience and sense of humour, not to mention her photographic skill and timing, have resulted in photos that showcase my dogs beautifully. She has captured many treasured memories in her photos.

Eva Fekete

I have been fortunate enough to have Diana Andersen capture moments in time which I will cherish forever. Whether being in a competitive environment or a relaxed, natural environment Diana’s photos are always of high quality. Her skill of capturing moving subjects, such as animals, is truly amazing. If you take a moment to view her images, you too will be able to appreciate her work. Thank you for the forever memories, Diana.

Mel McLean

Loved the pictures Diana did for us with the dogs on the beach. She has infinite patience and a definite rapport with animals. Our dogs were so relaxed with her and she got some really novel and great shots.

Peter Moss

Diana has taken photos all throughout my senior dog’s lifetime, and I’ll be forever grateful to have every image she’s ever taken of him when he is no longer with us. You can’t put a price on those memories. 

Ashleigh McEwen

I have a wonderful set of my now passed boy which the whole family love. This set is part of the entrance of the family’s home so they are very much seen and cherished.
A good photographer is one that captures memorable moments or moments people fall back on, or simply ones that make a statement. Thank you Diana for all my photos over the years they are amazing.
Fran Farrugia

They say you should never work with children or animals. This is true unless you are a special type of someone, someone like Diana. I have had more than a few photo shoots with her including a litter of very silly dogue de bordeauxs and I must say as well as being an amazing photographer who captures once in a lifetime moments she has that certain something that catches the 1 second moment the rest of us miss. That special gift is what makes her so very special. I can not thank her more for making these very special memories and moments last a life time. My dogs like most she works with are my heart and my soul. Diana understands this more than most and it shows in her work. She truly does capture that dogs personality and makes it shine. Thank you!

Amanda Ogden

Diana is my “go to” canine photographer. She has the knack of being able to capture a dog’s personality in a single shot. I have used Diana on numerous occasions and have always loved her work. She is flexible and will always work with you to ensure you get the best photo/s possible be it for a show dog campaign, a stunning portrait shot or showing off the goofy side of your fave dog. Love her work!

Anna Courtman

I have had a couple of sessions with Diana and have been 100% happy every time. She always comes up with some new angle from which to capture my dogs and I am always happy with the results.

Lynn Spargo

I can’t thank Diana enough for the truly stunning pictures she took of my Two pugs Rosie and Annie . I didn’t think it was possible to capture these two rat bags but the images speak for themselves.

Tracy Quinn

I met Diana in 2009 when she took some photos of my dogs, they were such beautiful photos I have never stopped asking for more photos since that day. Diana has been kind enough to attend puppy births, wade through water, lie on her tummy in cold wet grass, have puppies pull her hair and explore the inners of her mouth. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Diana even alerted me to my dogs being in pup long before an ultrasound, even saving a dog’s life when she noticed a very small change in the shape of the tuck up in a bitch. Diana creates photos that are natural and don’t look fake, cliché and the images capture the natural beauty and antics of my dogs including the excitement, it’s like the photo is a story of the shoot. Diana’s hard work and dedication has seen the photos used worldwide by many and pleased to say her photos have won at World Class Competitions against the best. I always include a Getting to Know Dogs Book by Diana in my puppy packs as I couldn’t think of a better start to the new pups life with all the information in one place. Thank you Diana for putting up with the dogs (and more so me at times!)

Jacqi Dinis

I have always had great respect and admiration for Diana’s beautiful photography. I loved all the photos she took of my dogs over the years which I still treasure.
She has always been patient and respectfull at all times. I have missed seeing her but often see her beautiful scenic wildlife photos.
She is truly a very gifted lady.
Ann Howie

My beautiful Weimaraner was photographed by Diana. Diana captured amazing expression and I totally love the photos. She is patient and quick too. I respect how hard it is sometimes to get great photos but Diana seems to do it with ease
Lenci Millman


Beach Dogs

I just wanted to thank you again for the fabulous beach workshop – it was so helpful and informative. I also wanted to let you know that I entered some of my photos in a competition, and one of my photos got 1st place out of 1076 photos! I’m so excited and grateful to you. This would not have been possible without your help. The judge highly recommended my other photos, and all placed in the top 5%.

Kylie McCormick

Beach Dogs

Thanks for a great workshop. Lots of superb tips.Excellent location and excellent doggy models. I will strongly recommend it to my photographer friends.

Paul Anderson

Backlight & Bokeh

Thank you very much for the workshop. I enjoyed the workshop very much. I learned something new when I went to your workshop and got more understanding of seeing/reading the light and questioning why I need to take certain photos.

The location, the group and the workshop itself were fantastic.

Yanti Day-Lewis

A Wild Weekend

Thank you, Diana, for your wonderful informative workshop, where I learned so much. Your pearls of wisdom and knowledge are gold. I am super grateful and excited to practice all I learned!

Thank you!!

Alicia Sun

Beach Dogs

Thank you so much for this morning’s workshop! It was so helpful to have your guidance on all the components, and then putting it together. With your advice, I was able to capture some shots that I had been struggling with for a while! Such a great experience, a great teacher, a beautiful location and of course the amazing dogs and handlers. 

Tonia Abakumoff

Beach Dogs

 I loved the session, I finally used my camera outside automatic settings … and I loved the results. Thank you to you and the awesome handlers for bringing down such gorgeous models.
I could have watched them play all day.

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